Artist, Musician, DJ, Author, and vibrant figurehead within Seattle’s music scene since the turn of the decade. An ever-curious artist, OCnotes records as a solo entity, but also as one-half of Metal Chocolates (a collaboration with rapper Rik Rude), one-third of Indian Agent (a collaboration with Nicholas Galanin & Zak Dylan Wass), one-half of FREEKAZOIDZ (a collaboration with long time friend Thrills) and is affiliated with the Black Constellation (Shabazz Palaces' universe). 

Over the years, he has released over 50 albums, mix tapes and EP’s.  He has collaborated with legends, and continues to learn new crafts while pushing the boundaries of creation. OCnotes is known for his wildly unpredictable and consistently on-point DJ sets, which could be considered snapshots of his comprehensive appetite for original sounds which include psychedelic hip hop, bossa nova, jazz, dub, soul, house, post-punk, & electronica to keep it brief.